Partner with Caféjo and you will see your customers keep coming back to your store every week…

Specializing in servicing retailers, Caféjo has established itself and is recognized for its reliable, innovative and high quality brewing equipment, premium beverages and being effective retailer merchandise supplier. Caféjo packages 35+ selections of award winning Caféjo branded coffee, tea and specialty drinks in Single Serve Cups for easy of use and quality. The Caféjo My French Press is the only French-Press style Single Serve Cups brewer, ideal for college dorm rooms and apartments.

“Making coffee better is what we do”… says Patrick Rolfes, CEO/Founder of Caféjo. Caféjo’s combination of brewers, accessories and line of award winning coffee and tea truly makes Caféjo your brewing partner for your ongoing pursuit of the best cup of coffee.


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Caféjo  1161 North Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92801